Data Science Liège - MEETUP #13

September 24th 2020, as of 6:30pm

HEC Liège, Rue Louvrex, 14. Liège (entrée du parking Rue St Gilles)



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The mission of Data Science Liège is to offer a forum, upon which participants can leverage to federate data science initiatives, showcase projects and ideas, call for support and partnerships, disseminate knowledge and stimulate public awareness.

Participation is free but registration is required.



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PS: We are looking for participants to present and showcase their past or ongoing data science projects. Feel free to submit your propositions by email to



6.30 pm: Door opening

7.00 pm: Short talks 

  • Nicolas INSTALLÉ, Directeur Exécutif (Futurocité)
    La data science au service des territoires intelligents : exemples et perspectives en Wallonie
  • Tim GUILY, Data Science Advisor (Stad Leuven)
    Leuven, smart(er) city? 
  • Samuel NOTTEBAERT, Data Manager - Data Office et Géographie Urbaine (Ville de Namur) 
    Un « Close Data » pour l’amélioration de notre Open Data.

8.30 pm: Debate and Wrap-up

9.00 pm: Closing






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