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Leading companies understand the significance of customer-centricity and are using this lens to create digital market offerings. In this context, our ambition is to undertake high quality academic research that is relevant for business and society, and to disseminate academic knowledge to students and business practitioners for impact and reach. 

Collectively, our research covers various topics that put into perspective how companies can go about understanding, creating, and delivering customer value to enhance their performance in digital, environmentally sustainable, and highly competitive markets.  

Our academic work has been presented at scientific and business conferences and published in highly-ranked academic journals in the fields of marketing, services, and information systems. While our insights can be applied across industries, we do have specific expertise working with companies in the healthcare, financial services, and sports industries.


Sustainable and digital business models
More and more organizations embrace new technologies to develop new business models and remain competitive. In this context, the research domain examines customer adoption (and rejection) of disruptive digital service business models—especially in the field of the sharing economy and the circular economy— and aims to develop new strategies to help organizations increase the adoption rate of their innovations while aiming for sustainable development.

Digital innovations
B2B and B2C companies embrace digital technology to innovate their internal and customer-facing processes, as well as their products and services. Moreover, companies choose to start a platform business and to develop a data strategy, we try to better understand the novel capabilities and resources required. We also examine the performance outcomes of such transitions for the supplying firm, the customer, and third party service providers.

Customer experience & behavior
Elaborating customer-centric strategies is crucial to develop and sustain a competitive advantage. To do so, we aim to understand how to manage customer experience, and how customer behavior is changing in an increasingly complex environment.

Customer engagement on social networks
Exploring customer relationships is crucial, given the rise of social media and general trend toward customer co-creation and empowerment. We aim to understand how customers engage with brands and with each other, why they do so, and what benefits or challenges engaged customers bring.

Industry focus
We are developing expertise on some specific and key services such as healthcare, financial services, and sports.

Universal design and servicescape
We aim to improve customer experience thanks to a best understanding of the impact of the design of healthscapes on customer perceived intimacy. 

Digital transformation& entrepreneurship
Specific expertise within the digital transformation and entrepreneurship domain is on technology-mediated interaction (e.g., video-conferencing), human-AI combined decision making, generating possibilities for intertwining the physical and the virtual, and growth of entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Frontline employees management
When managing customer experience, organizations need to be careful to critical moments of truth. Accordingly, we examine critical encounters between employees and customers to best understand how employees should behave in and cope with such situations. 



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DELCOURT CécileAssociate Professor, PhD - Latest Publications (ORBI)

DESSART Laurence, Assistant Professor, PhD - Latest Publications (ORBI)

STANDAERT Willem, Assistant Profesor, PhD - Latest Publications (ORBI)



BAIWIR Lisa, Researcher, PhD Candidate

BOSMA Maarten, Researcher, PhD Candidate

FERRARA CharlotteTeaching & Research Assistant, PhD Candidate

MARTENS Carmen, Researcher, PhD Candidate



ÖSTERLE Benjamin, DHBW Stuttgard

HELLER Jonas, Maastricht University


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